Equality and Diversity
We are fully committed to promoting, maintaining and supporting equality and diversity in all aspects of our work. We aim to create an environment where all individuals have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, and gain a feeling of self-esteem and respect for and from all others. The Trust expresses its opposition to all forms of inequality and discrimination.

We strive to ensure that the Trust environment is free of harassment and bullying and that everyone is treated with dignity and respect at all times. To support this, we have a Dignity at Work Policy within our Staff Code of Conduct and a separate participant specific Anti-Bullying Policy.

We work positively and progressively to ensure that no policy, practice, procedure or action puts any group of people at an unfair advantage or supports discrimination

Anyone who feels they have experienced harassment or bullying should notify the Trust Manager or speak to the Trust’s Equality and Diversity Director.

We take bullying and the impact it has seriously. Participants and parents should be assured that known incidents of bullying will be responded to, as bullying will not be tolerated.  The Trust will seek ways to counter the effects of bullying that may occur within our programmes and in the local community.

The ethos of Yeovil Town Community Sports Trust means that all staff actively encourage participants to have respect for each other and for other people’s property. Good and kind/polite behaviour is regularly acknowledged and rewarded. Staff will regularly discuss bullying as this will inform participants that we are serious about dealing with bullying and leads to open conversations and increased confidence in participants to want to discuss bullying and report any incidents and concerns about other participant’s behaviour.

Staff will reinforce expectations of behaviour as a regular theme in line with our participant’s code of conduct. Staff are required to follow the Trust’s equality policy, safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adult’s policy in order to support every child, young person or vulnerable adult taking part in our programmes.

Customer Service and Response Times
We have a positive approach to complaints/feedback and whilst our main aim is to quickly resolve them, we welcome feedback as an ideal opportunity to identify ways and areas in which we can improve our service. We aim to continue to ensure that customer service is at the forefront of everything we do.

We have a dedicated team of staff who aim to respond proactively to all complaints as quickly as possible in a direct manner. Wherever possible, we try to contact the customer by telephone to discuss the complaint in detail and to provide a more personal service. In order to be an approachable and open organisation, a dedicated email address serves this purpose and it is possible to phone, e-mail or write to the Trust.

Call: 01935 706671
E-mail: JPhillip@ytfc.net 
Write: YTCST, YTFC, Huish Park, Lufton Way, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8YF or alternatively visit our website and click on contact us.

The Trust would normally respond to any contact from a customer within a period of 14 working days. However, every endeavour will be made to address any concern raised at the initial point of contact. The Trust will respond by e-mail, telephone or letter depending on the most appropriate means. If a customer has requested a written response, this will be provided.

YTCST – Complaints & Appeals Policy

Media Channels
We offer our participants and customers a range of communication & information options across online and offline platforms.

These platforms include:

Our official website, www.ytcst.net
The Club’s official website, www.ytfc.net
The official YTFC match day programme
The official YTCST Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/YeovilTownCommunitySportsTrust/

Across our digital media platforms, we aim to provide a trusted and comprehensive service that offers reliable YTCST content directly to the homes and devices of our participants, customers and partners. Changes in technology and the way people interact with the Trust means it is now easier to listen to the views of our participants and customers than ever before.

Our official website, www.ytcst.net remains the Trust’s most prominent communication and marketing tool. It is at the heart of our commitment to engage with participants and customers and make them feel closer to the Trust and Yeovil Town Football Club.

An improved level of interaction on social media, in particular on Facebook and Twitter, has also proved key in improving the ease with which participants and customers can share their views with the Trust on topics and issues that are important to them, in turn allowing the Trust to enhance dialogue with its participants and customers and respond more effectively.

We will regularly consult with participants and customers regarding the range, selection, quality and the price of all Trust kit worn for training & fixtures

As well as offering great quality and service to the Trust and our customers, our kit supplier, Stud Sports, has set up an online shop that allows participants and parents to purchase additional items, making it easier for all concerned to look great at training and on match days.

If you would like any advice on purchasing our kit, please contact Stud Sports and their staff will be happy to assist you. Their contact details are as follows: –

Studs Sports
10 Chester Court
Tel: 01637 873560
E-mail: studsports@btconnect.com

Data Protection
We need to gather and use certain information about participants, customers, suppliers, business contacts, employees and other people the Trust has a relationship with or may need to contact.

Everyone who works for or with Yeovil Town Community Sports Trust has the responsibility for ensuring data is collected, stored and handled appropriately.

Each member of staff that handles personal data ensures that it is handled and processed in line with our data protection policy and data protection principles

Cancelled Courses/Refunds
If we have to cancel a course we will let you know as soon as possible and will try to offer a place on an alternative course of the same value wherever possible. If we are unable to provide an alternative course we will offer you a full refund.

If you have to cancel a booking, please send us an e-mail explaining that you would like to cancel stating your name and the course details to JPhillip@ytfc.net

If you cancel a booking prior to the start date of the Course we will attempt to transfer your booking to another course of equivalent or lesser value subject to availability. In some circumstances refunds may be issued but this will be at our discretion

Player Appearances
Yeovil Town Community Sports Trust receive numerous requests for player appearances and are committed to accommodating as many of these requests as possible. As you might imagine however, we sometimes cannot meet every request, but we always try our best!

We are pleased to consider request from any of these types of organisations:

  • Community groups (Schools, Charities, fetes, local clubs etc.)
  • Supporters’ Clubs.
  • Commercial Partners who have an existing relationship with YTCST or YTFC.

All requests should be sent at least two weeks in advance of the proposed date to Jamie Phillip (JPhillip@ytfc.net) and must include full details of the event

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Contact will be made with the event organiser and a brief prepared regarding the purpose of the appearance, time spent at the venue and to ensure that the player is fully aware of his role.
  • If your request is successful, the name of the attending player will be confirmed at least one week prior to the event. We are often unable to confirm names any sooner as changes can occur.
  • YTFC players are delighted to attend events so long as they are not on match days, the day preceding a match, travel days or before 2pm on a training day.
  • Events need to be within what we see as a reasonable distance from Yeovil.
  • Appearances can be considered all year round, except while players are on annual leave (from the date of the last game of the season until they return for pre-season training).
  • Any activity must be safe for the player and not pose an injury risk.
  • If an approved event has to be rescheduled or an original player cannot attend, an alternative player may be provided.
  • Player appearances are designed to enhance an event, so the player’s appearance should not be the events main purpose.
  • Although we are keen to support as many events as we can, we obviously retain the right to decline any requests. If this happens however we will contact you to explain why.
  • All player appearances are subject to change, availability and cancellation. We will do our best to minimise the chance of any of these happening but where they do YTCST or YTFC cannot be held liable for any associated costs etc..