Participant Code of Conduct

Yeovil Town Community Sports Trust wants you, your team mates, other participants, your coaches and all staff members to have a positive experience and enjoyable time. To do this, we require that you are mindful of others and follow the Code of Conduct as set out below.

General behaviour.

  • Arrive on time for sessions/fixtures/events/meetings.
  • Display and promote high standards of behaviour at all times.
  • Respect other people.
  • Respect your coaches, their decisions and instructions.
  • Value the help that others give you, and acknowledge support from team mates, other participants, coaches and staff
  • Remember that everyone makes mistakes.

Health, safety and welfare.

  • Listen carefully to those who are instructing you and act as directed.
  • Use equipment for the purpose in which it is intended and remember that others may also need to use it.
  • Take responsibility for your own safety and encourage others to enjoy activities safely and responsibly.
  • Inform an appropriate staff member if you intend to leave a session/activity at any time.

Personal actions

  • Think about improving your skills and look towards developing yourself.
  • Win with modesty and lose with dignity when participating in competitive activities.
  • Inform the lead coach or a member of staff of any concerns you have including any bullying you see or anything else that could make another person unhappy.

Team working

  • Always speak to others with respect and listen to others opinions.
  • Contribute to team activities and co-operate with others.
  • Encourage others in a positive manner.
  • Applaud others efforts, contributions and endeavours as well as successes.
  • Avoid criticising a team member or other participant for making a mistake.

The following constitutes unacceptable behaviour whilst participating in Yeovil Town Community Sports Trust programmes (although this is not an exhaustive list)

  • Disrupting sessions/activities.
  • Having fun at the expense of others or embarrassing them.
  • Engaging in offensive, insulting or abusive language.
  • Abusing or disrespecting other participants, coaches and staff members.
  • Stealing or deliberately damaging equipment or belongings.
  • Participating in any activity which constitutes a form of bullying either by yourself or as a group. This includes:
  • Physically – pushing, hitting, kicking, pinching etc.
  • Verbally – name-calling, spreading rumours, constant teasing and sarcasm.
  • Emotionally – tormenting, ridiculing, humiliating and ignoring.
  • Racially – taunts, graffiti and gestures.
  • Sexually – unwanted physical contact or abuse.
  • Electronically – unwelcome texting, e-mails and blogs.

If you do not follow the Code of Conduct, any or all of the following actions may be taken by your coach and Yeovil Town Community Sports Trust.

  • Be required to apologise to your team mates, other participants or staff members.
  • Be subject to an appropriate sanction.
  • Receive a formal warning.
  • Be asked to leave the programme/activity.