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Our GOAL-DEN Glovers project is designed to engage with retired and semi-retired individuals aged 55+ in order to combat loneliness in the older generation within our community.

Studies show that 42% of those over the age of 55 are inactive and would like opportunities to meet peers to feel less isolated, live well and do things they enjoy.

Our GOAL-DEN Glovers Hub will look to harness the unique asset of Yeovil Town Football  to bring older people together and provide a range of activities that could benefit their physical and mental health.

At our GOALDEN GLOVERS Hub, you decide what you want to do. Quizzes, games, table tennis, darts, films, talks, walking football or just sitting and having a cup of tea and a natter. Nothing is off the agenda!

About the National League Trust. 

The National League Trust is a partnership between the National League, Premier League and the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA). The Premier League and PFA have committed to support the Trust until 2022.

They will each contribute to a donation of £1.2m a year over this period. This allows the National League Trust to help National League member clubs develop their community programmes.

For further information, please contact:-
Sara Bradley
01935 706671