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Yeovil Town Community Sports Trust has identified a number of key aims that remain integral to all of the work that the Trust undertakes.

The Trust’s aims are-

  • To promote sport and educational opportunities to the wider community
  • To place Yeovil Town Football Club at the heart of its community by providing opportunities for interaction with the Club.
  • To help grow the future supporter base of Yeovil Town Football Club by developing the geographical reach of the Club
  • To work with individuals and organisations to establish strong partnerships in order to provide a platform from which to develop and deliver worthwhile and beneficial projects within the community.
  • To develop and implement new and forward thinking projects and initiatives which are in response to community needs
  • To help organisations develop and maximise the use of community facilities
  • To promote social responsibility and give support to those in need so that they have respect for their community and are encouraged to make a positive contribution to society